Award-Winning Filmmaker Admires Shen Yun’s Bravery

April 17, 2017

“It was wonderful.”

“When I first heard about Shen Yun, I wanted to see it, but I’ve never come until this year, and it was because my daughter wanted to go. I was making a movie in New Zealand last year, and I almost saw [Shen Yun], but I missed that. So, this year I’m really, really happy to see it.”

“It (classical Chinese dance) was so amazing, so much energy, and the movement is very special – the spinning and the jumping – and to know those moves come from China is phenomenal for me. I love the way the dancers all look like flowers floating in the wind. It was absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen movements like that before.”

“It was amazing because we don’t get to see this kind of traditional Chinese dancing enough. Now that I’ve seen some, I want to see it more and more. I want to find the videos of all the old Shen Yun [performances], and I can’t wait to see next year’s Shen Yun.”

“The stories make these very wonderful, sometimes complicated stories, very accessible and relatable. Anybody can understand [them]. It was wonderful to learn so much about Chinese culture through Chinese folk stories, and I really look forward to seeing it again.”

“I respect that (traditional Chinese culture). We live in a very interesting time, a time of transition. To have a show be beautiful and artistic, of course … it also has something to say – great art always has something to say, and this show did, too. I think it’s always brave for artists to speak out. People want artists to be beautiful and be silent. So, when artists speak, I think it’s very powerful, and I admire Shen Yun for doing it.”

“Because of the times we are living, I think it’s important right now for everybody to care more, to do more, express themselves, and demand change.”

“I’m going to ask key members of my show to come back and see it with me so we can talk about it.” 

“She (daughter) loved it. We want to find out where it’s playing and go see it again.”

“I’m going to see it every year.”