Award-Winning Engineer: ‘It just took you to another place’

May 19, 2018

“I was really impressed, the mix of movements and dynamics, the graphics in the background, and the all round mix of history.”

“Everything was flowing … it was a very exuberant performance. I was really impressed.”

“Part of what we try to do in engineering education is to help students get engaged—that is exactly what I saw with the performance. It was the combination of the artistry of the performers but also then the visual backdrop, it just took you away, it took you to another place.”

“It really engages you, it really pulls you in, because instantly you feel wow.”

“I was feeling as though your imagination was being sparked all the time, it was a really creative sense.”

“I loved the two-stringed instrument [the erhu], I could not believe the dynamic range you could get from two strings.”

“The lyrics [of the songs were] again fascinating. I am a Christian but I hear many things, and I think actually this is speaking about the same things, about people trying to behave in a compassionate way, to be caring and loving. These are common threads that feed through.”

“It was really helping me to understand [that] people are looking for the same thing, for that spiritual connection, for understanding the purpose of life.”