Audience Member Finds Shen Yun Storylines Rich and Inspiring

January 2, 2017

“It was really stupendous  … The dancing was just marvelous, and the music was terrific, and the surprise, really, was the stories behind the music. I didn’t expect that at all, but the stories were very rich with Chinese history.


“Just captivating. It just brought me… to a different place. Everything was just really beautiful.”


“I was impressed also with the courage, the courage to tell the stories, knowing that there’s not room for this in China today. And really, I think it’s an inspiration to anyone who believes in the free expression of beauty, truth, and goodness. And these people have captured all of those things onstage.


“I like the fact that it took me away from everyday concerns. It was thoroughly entertaining, but it also gave us something more, gave us something to reflect on, something to think about. What it’s taken for these people to develop that ability, to convey those beautiful stories. Obviously they’re committed to the message, and not just the entertainment, so that meant a lot.”