Attorney Enjoys the Beautiful Message in Lyrics of Soprano’s Song

April 15, 2018

“[Shen Yun] is a beautiful display of Chinese pageantry and dance, and it’s just very emotional going through the history of Chinese dance. I have really enjoyed the first act”

“The beauty of the dancers and also some of the pieces are incredibly exciting, and so it brings a lot of passion seeing the dancers up there really passionate about their art form.”

“Just watching the dancers and the facial expressions they—really evoke [emotions]. I’ve actually been somber, I’ve laughed, I’ve been excited; so it’s just been really exciting to watch that.”

“I also greatly enjoyed the orchestra music. The conductor is doing a fabulous job pairing the instrumental and musical components of the performance with the dance.”

“The messaging was beautiful with [the soprano soloist’s song lyrics]—to take you back to spirituality verses humanity. I thought the soprano was just lovely.”

“We have to remember there is a higher calling, there’s a higher being. And we have to recognize what we do on this Earth and also recognize that it all goes back to the Divine, [is the message].”