Athletic Coach Says ‘You need to see Shen Yun’

March 10, 2018

“I loved it. … It is perfect with two narrators in Chinese and English.”

“I loved the storytelling. The costumes were beautiful. The dances were beautiful.”

“I liked that they said acrobatics and gymnastics came from Chinese dance, not the other way around.”

“There were world-class athletes up there. … They were excellent.”

“I love the orchestra. I haven’t seen orchestras like that. I also like the solo performance [soprano]—her voice was beautiful.”

“I love the two-string instrument [erhu.] She could make that kind of music with the two-string instrument that was accompanied by piano, that was excellent.”

“[I was moved] by faith, the spiritual side of the performance, … the outer beauty mixed with the inner beauty.”

“I have my friend who came from China. I think it would be perfect to bring her to see the show together.”

“I would recommend it. I just tell people you have to see it. It is hard to explain to someone everything that is involved—you need to see Shen Yun.”