Association President: Shen Yun Is Beyond My Imagination

February 13, 2017

“The 5,000 years of Chinese history was showcased in a touching form of arts. It’s beyond my imagination.”


“The program was very extensive. It demonstrated what we’ve never seen.” “Shen Yun’s performance was exquisite and graceful, and the program was well packed and very touching.” “The music was also great. I’ve seen many performances in South Korea, but Shen Yun’s music is exceptionally good. It’s very pure and touching.”


“The first piece was very outstanding. The 3-D animated digital backdrops employed by Shen Yun is awesome, making the performance truly vivid. It was an amazing personal experience for me.”


“Performers seemed to traverse between the stage and the backdrops, as if I were in the scene too. This is what we cannot see in our country. It was very amazing.”


“In the past, I only heard of the 5,000 years of Chinese history, but today I experienced it myself. It was really overwhelming.”