Artist: Shen Yun, ‘Visually It’s Really a Masterpiece’

January 30, 2017

“Visually it’s really a masterpiece. I love the colors.”

“I have most of my family with me tonight—because I wanted them to experience another culture and going to China would be difficult to do; so it’s wonderful that you all can bring that here and very grateful that the New York production is coming to Dallas because we don’t get much of that.”

“Love the gracefulness of the young ladies, the dancers and even the guys have an enormous amount of grace in their movement. There is nothing out of line, nothing jerky, it all flows very well.”

“The persecution piece [“Child’s Choice”]—it was very sad to see that. I think we all need to help one another. My grandmother used to say you need to be a part of the world and not a part of a little corner which is very much that we’re all one people and that the more you learn about other cultures the more you see that we’re all the same. We all love our families. We all want the best for them. We all want education for them. We all want the same things at heart. There’s nothing different.”