Artist Moved By Shen Yun’s Message Of Love And Peace

April 29, 2017

“It was aesthetic. It was full of beauty and meaning. The message was surprising, so I was very moved by it.”

“There was so much beauty delivered from the dance, the sets, the costumes, the music. Through that [was] a spiritual message of love and peace. It was wonderful that the message was being delivered through beauty, aesthetic, and arts. It was done superbly. … I was impressed; it really hit me.” 

“The costumes were outstanding. There is a defiance of the physical laws — flying, appearing, the magic of Asia — combining with the quality of spirituality and aesthetic was really brought home. The backdrop was incredible. It was very magical.”

“I myself know I am a spiritual being. I also know that other people are walking around as spiritual beings, so [this is] a very strong aspect of what I do with my profession and as an artist.”

“I [was] touched. [Shen Yun] was using aesthetics to deliver a spiritual message, that was 100 percent clear to me. And it was done at a really high level of quality and value.”

“I’m proud that it was done as a being, and as a human person cohabiting the planet with other spiritual beings. I am proud that it was produced and brought out. It was really well done.” 

(To those who have not seen Shen Yun) “Go, absolutely go.”