Artist Inspired by the Expression of Beauty in Shen Yun

February 19, 2017

“Actually I’m working on a [art] piece now and I was inspired by the [digital backdrop] and I was just noticing the colours of nature and the vivid, vibrant colors and I was thinking I could use that in my next piece that I do. But everything was beautiful: the dancing, the choreography, the music was so beautiful, I loved it.”

“I love how they integrated the [digital] background, it was like a movie that came alive, it was so neat how that was done, very interesting, very unique. Very inspiring.”

“My art is spiritually based just like the stories in the show today. … Especially the divine of having us all and that’s love, and when we share that love, beauty comes forth and I saw that in the show today.”

“The message I take home today: there’s beauty in the world and we need to share it. That’s what was done tonight, all the dancers, all the musicians, they shared their beauty, their talent and their love and it showed in every way.”

“I would definitely say come see this show! It’s beautiful, the colors, the dancing. They’re athletes, they’re athletes without a doubt, what they could do—it was just fantastic!”