Artist Felt Connection Between Dancers and Spirituality

April 23, 2017

“I’m amazed, it was beautiful. It’s a beautiful message, very deep message and the beauty that the dancers express its very deep and you can feel it through their expressions. I’m really impressed, really nice, it’s my first time and I’m amazed, the colors, everything, the fabrics, the dancing, the music—really, really touching.”

“I love the colors. They’re [such] subtle combinations and vibrant also.”

“Beauty, intensity, life, vibrance. Joy, free expression of the spirit. And personally I’m having a very sad day today and I completely changed, it [Shen Yun] helped me to completely change my feelings, I mean I’m not sad now, I’m happy and I could connect with something beautiful. So I think that’s great.

“I think that’s amazing [reviving culture mission]. It’s amazing because I personally I didn’t know that much about whats happening in China now … and I could connect with that and I think its great that they can take that message throughout the world.”

“The spiritual and divine aspects I think they are expressed throughout the show and I could feel that connection, connection of the artists with their spirit and with their beliefs in God, the divine spirit. They could express it through the dancing and the colors and the music.”