Animator Appreciates Culture, Design of Shen Yun

April 16, 2017

“[The backdrop] is great. Everything is fantastic … I can appreciate the design up there.” 

“It’s amazing to watch. The costumes and everything is really, really beautiful.” 

“The sets are great. I love the backdrops. They’ve done some really nice work. The uses of colors, everything is really vibrant and saturated, just very beautiful to look at it. Works well with the costumes … vibrant.” 

“It’s quite interesting seeing the cultural take on spirituality. The difference between what you get. It’s sad that it is banned in China, and that they can’t [perform there]. People have to travel here to see some of their own culture being given back in dance.”

“It’s a history of culture that everyone can see. You don’t get it coming out of China, so you have to I guess get it from this or other venues. Considering what’s going on today the way things are, it’s nice to see that it’s out there, and that this place is packed, and people want to see it.”

“This is my first time seeing it … I would recommend it. I know a lot of people from my work who wanted to go see this, so it gets pretty hard. You have to get tickets right away, because it sells out so quickly.”