Animation Producer Impressed With Patented Backdrop, Synchronized Dance

April 25, 2018

“We are really impressed with the screens, with people going into the water. That is amazing!”

“I’m looking at these dancers, and I’m just overwhelmed by their beautiful physiques, the way they control their bodies, and leap and dance. … It’s just beautiful, as if they are all one. I don’t see one single person out of sync. It’s beautiful.”

“The music is excellent, really, really beautiful done. I love the sound of that, with the silver jewels on their heads, and the chopsticks, the percussion of it. That’s very nicely integrated with the orchestra.”

“[The Chinese music] is very delicate. It has sort of an airy quality to it that I find absolutely stunning.”

“The colors are amazing.”

“I think the expressions on these dancers are really good. They really helped to tell the story and the emotions. … I understand the overall point of the story.”

“That’s very upsetting to not able to express yourself freely [in China], because it is so expressive. The dance, especially the media, the music, I mean you can see it unfolding in front of your eyes. Not being able to do that [in China] is sad.”

“Countries are losing their traditions, and we need people’s efforts to keep those [alive].”