Alexandra Cameron Says Shen Yun Erhu Performance Stunning

March 25, 2017

“I really enjoyed the combination of Western and Chinese musical instruments in the orchestra. Being a trumpet player as well, I really enjoy hearing such excellent playing from the brass. But I also enjoyed just the professional approach that they had and their dedication, and the execution of the instruments being played.”

“The erhu performance was particularly stunning and I just thought that was really haunting, that was a really special moment for me. And the contrast of the middle section where the bow is bouncing across the string … .”

“I think that’s probably the whole show, it’s the contrasts, nothing is too much of the same, it changes. And so it takes you on this journey, and every piece, the music, was varied, and it told the story. And then that was amplified with the costumes, and the dancing and the wonderful technology with the stage. It was just really, really enjoyable.”

“Probably for me, the highlights would be the use of the props in the most unexpected ways—to see handkerchiefs swirling around, to see bowls balanced on your head, to see the drums on the back and the drumsticks—I’ve never seen that before, that was so special. The comedy factors with the monkey and the piggy, I just thought that it was all just so wonderful, and I think the music actually tied it all together. The soloists and the orchestra supporting it all. Just a wonderful, wonderful experience.”