After Watching Shen Yun, Feeling ‘Spiritually and Mentally Very Fulfilled’

December 28, 2017

“The choreography, all the dance moves, the storyline was very intriguing and interesting, very compelling to watch. It was very fine-tuned, very orchestrated, well-rehearsed.”

“[I obtained] a deeper and more understanding of the Chinese culture, and how they interpret the afterlife from being on Earth, back to heaven, back to Earth … It’s based on my Catholic upbringing, so I can relate to it.”

“[Experienced] a lot of inner soul strength from the characters. And the way they developed the story through interpretation, through dance and music, I thought was really well done.”

“I feel happiness and a sense of well-being … spiritually and mentally very fulfilled.”

“I think it was visually stimulating and very colorful and–it’s hard to put into words–but it was very well-designed and well-orchestrated.”

“You could take what you’ve seen tonight with all the colors and forms, and you could incorporate that into design for companies to give them some identity based on the colors and the textures throughout the show.”

“The yellows, the bright colors, the oranges, and yellows, I thought were very outstanding, and related to heaven and Earth colors.”

“The bright colors are very inspirational.”