Adminstrator Impressed by Historic Value of Shen Yun

February 3, 2017

“I liked the historical value of it. The fact that they’re bringing back the dances that are ancient and just the movement is very fluid, I loved the costuming, the colors, the stories so it was a very good.”

“They don’t allow them to perform all these anymore [in China] which is a shame because there is a beauty and it just shows how long the Chinese culture has been providing so much history and culture and beauty. There’s a lot of beauty there.”

“The [soprano’s lyrics] words … what it provided was uplifting. I think the words, well both songs kind of added to more core beliefs that we should be following. Instead of wealth and prosperity really is empty at the end of your life, so you should get more.”

“I think my grandchildren would like to see it. History is important.”