Adjunct Professor Enjoys ‘Awesome Experience’ at Shen Yun

January 27, 2018

“It’s utterly amazing. I think the timing, the choreography, and the music is just beautiful. The costumes, the movement … I can’t imagine the amount of hours it takes to get the precision that they have in almost every single number they do. It’s really an awesome experience and if anybody is thinking about coming to the show, don’t just think about it. Do it.”

“I love the way that there’s a rhythm to it that just stays with you. Even now, standing here at intermission, I’m kind of replaying some of the little tunes that just happened throughout. And the way that they’ve timed the movements with the music, the precision, the accuracy and the detail that goes into this presentation.”

“I love the way they introduced the video [digital backdrop] and did the intermix with the video and the live action. I thought that was all very well done. The colors, the dance, the movement—it’s all just wonderful.”

“She [the soprano] did an outstanding job. And I love the fact that that was just with the piano. That was just such a nice momentary pause to give her center stage.”