Actor Says Shen Yun ‘The Best of Art’

January 15, 2017

“I was surprised to find out this is an American-based company. Because it’s just so authentic. So authentically Chinese. It’s beautiful! It’s just beautiful! It’s incredible what they do!”
“The artistry is just—as an artist myself, looking at them, I’m amazed. So imagine just the layperson just looking at them. I can see what they’re doing, … But if I were just a layperson watching them and this whole thing with the … incorporated video with them flying in and coming out—just so creative and so beautiful!”
“What I did like as well is that Shen Yun seemed to be speaking out against violence, violence of all sorts, specifically violence in the area of China or Tibet. … But they spoke out against this violence and spoke of compassion. I think that’s very, very important. So they incorporate this—which is what all good art does—into the performance.” 
“The way I would summarize it is, it’s only two words. … Must see. Must see. Must see to actually believe it. … It’s just a theatrical, cinematic, spiritual experience—altogether! So it’s the best of art.”

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