Actor Inspired By Shen Yun’s Beauty and Storytelling

April 15, 2018

“We really enjoyed it. [It’s] beautiful to watch, amazing dancers, performers. It was a joy to watch; [it] took us on a wonderful journey.”

“I loved it [the digital backdrop]. I loved it that they incorporated that into the show. It just adds so much more to it.”

“To know that they make a different show every year. That’s remarkable.”

“I really, really enjoyed the storytelling.”

“It’s a great message. It really makes you think about your own personal life. It’s nice. It’s what art does. It’s what art is supposed to do. It inspires you.”

“We, as human beings, were brought up for something much greater, much bigger, and we tend to forget that sometimes. We are all the same. We’re all here for the same purpose.”

“It’s an inspiring, beautiful journey of storytelling throughout the entire [performance].”