‘A Manifestation of Infinite Love and Compassion,’ Says Dentist

Shen Yun dancers have their 'body, mind, and soul as one'
April 1, 2016

CHIAYI, Taiwan—Had New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts not toured to Taiwan as it does every year, Dr. Huang Shenggong, the owner of a dental clinic in southern Taiwan, said he would have traveled overseas to see it.

The beauty of the dancers is like the radiant sun, bringing brightness and hope to the audience.
— Dr. Huang Shenggong

“The beauty of the dancers is like the radiant sun, bringing brightness and hope to the audience,” said Dr. Huang after seeing Shen Yun’s performance with his dental clinic’s three nurses at Chiayi Performing Arts Center on March 29, 2016.

“It’s really spectacular.” He was amazed by the strength manifested by the dancers, likening it to monumental structure of architecture.

“The structure of the dancers’ strength is like Taipei 101,” a 101-story landmark super tall skyscraper in Taipei, Taiwan. “It’s magnificent and imposing,” acclaimed Mr. Huang, who has twice seen Shen Yun’s performances.

He admired Shen Yun’s stage design and the whole production, saying “Shen Yun performance has the classical Chinese dance, music combined with Eastern and Western instrument, and the digital backdrop all integrate—showing beautiful balance and coordination.”

Mr. Huang believed that Shen Yun moves the audience and enriches people’s life by conveying profound philosophy through dance and music.

“The traditional Chinese culture manifests philosophical thoughts. Shen Yun’s performance brings the history and the stories to a modern society—artistically using the dancers’ body language,” he said.

He appreciated the way the dancers brought the ancient culture to the stage. “They always smiled and were so focused on their performance,” he said. “They put themselves in the shoes of the characters and were immersed in the drama pieces as they were really those characters.”

“The production manifests a high level of artistic conception,” he praised. “The dancers had their expressions connected with their emotions. They had reached the realm of having their body, mind, and soul as one.”

Mr. Huang believes that to reach such a high realm, the performers must be guided by some high standard moral principles. “I think the dancers have practiced cultivation. That’s why they can integrate their body and soul in their dance to express such philosophical thoughts.”

“The dancers represent the high realm they’ve cultivated in the performance to influence the audience,” he added. “It is a manifestation of infinite love and compassion.”

In addition to the dancers, Mr. Huang was impressed by the sopranos, saying, “I was deeply moved by their voices and especially touched by what they expressed in the songs such as Falun Dafa is doing something for the world and transmitting the infinite love to the world.” He referred to the spiritual meditation of Falun Dafa, which teaches truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Many of the artists adhere to this practice, though it is currently persecuted in China.

“It’s rare to see such a performance.” Mr. Huang said, adding that he will come see Shen Yun again and recommend it to others.

Reporting by Cai Shanghai and Sunny Chao

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. For more information, visit Shen Yun Performing Arts.

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Chiayi, Taiwan, Asia
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