A Magnificent Performance, Says President of Milan’s Friends of the Opera

March 13, 2017

“We come every year. The Chinese tenor aroused my curiosity when he sang bel canto in Chinese. In my extremely long history in bel canto, it’s the first time I’ve heard it sung in Chinese. I know many Korean and Chinese tenors from the bel canto competitions, but listening to him sing in Chinese …, I can see the difficulty to express this feeling with this language.”

“The message is harmony and sweetness, which in this ravaged world, is very needed.”

“The discipline—I can see that everyone is flawlessly coordinated to inch-perfect. There must be so much work and sacrifices behind it. … The love these people have—otherwise it can’t be done.”

“I find the show truly magnificent. [It] comes out from the heart with serenity. It would be good if all the world could be like this. It’s a hope that stays in your heart.”