Professor Loves ‘Combination of Culture, Spirituality, Dance, Music’

April 8, 2018

“We enjoyed it very much. I grew up in Japan. So I love oriental culture and history. I kept seeing the advertisements. So I bought her tickets for Christmas. But I knew we’d both enjoy it. We are spending our Christmas present today.”

“[What impressed me most is that] what you don’t see any more in entertainment is the combination of culture, spirituality, athleticism, dance, a story, music and acrobatics. Everything is combined together. I love it all.

“The transcendence of the Heavens into the earthly and the connectivity is very interesting [shown in the first piece]. It brings it to life. I think we are more than just physical beings. We are spiritual beings. And we may have a different spirituality than what we see. But it still connects.”

“For me, the Creator God who created me—delights when He sees me enjoying what He has made: the oceans, the rivers, each other. So it’s good to please Him, our God—the Creator. When we see that. So that was put out on the stage.”

“Come see it! Beautifully demonstrated and illustrated connectivity of the human heart.”