15 Ways to Avoid Harmful Radiation in Your Home

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
April 7, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2015

The World Health Organization and many researchers throughout the world are increasingly raising the alarm over the impacts of all our wireless and electronic devices. 

The radiation has been shown to damage DNA, which can impact the health not only of the individual, but also of offspring.  Electrical engineer and environmental consultant Larry Gust offered advice on how people can protect themselves in a video presented by Electromagnetic Health this week.

A sleepless or restless night may be caused in part by the electromagnetic field in your bedroom. It is a good idea to give your body a break from the radiation while you sleep even if you don’t feel your sleep has been impacted, says Gust.

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1. Avoid electric blankets, water beds, electric heating pads

2. Move the clock away or get a battery-powered clock

3. LED flat screen TVs are the best option; old-style TVs give off more radiation, and so do plasma flat screen TVs

4. Fix wiring problems by measuring the fields in your home (A wide range of devices are available via EMFSafetyStore.com or LessEMF.com Note that some of the less expensive devices have limitations)

5. Unplug electrical devices within 6 feet of the bed

6. Unplug electrically operated beds

7. If you have plastic-jacketed wiring, turn off the circuit breaker for the bedroom at night

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Tips to reduce radio frequency radiation

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8. Reduce wireless phone use

9. Use a hands-free device (it’s better than holding a device to your head)

10. Use land lines for the majority of phone time

11. When at home, forward your cell phone to a land line and put it in “airplane” mode

12. Remove or turn off your wireless router

13. Do not use wireless baby monitors

14. Avoid wireless keyboards, mice, etc.

15. Don’t use Bluetooth

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