Wi-Fi, Along With Other Electromagnetic Radiation Sources, Could Harm Your DNA
Wi-Fi, Along With Other Electromagnetic Radiation Sources, Could Harm Your DNA

We are engulfed by electromagnetic fields all day everyday, and the fields are only getting stronger as technology progresses and spreads. The health effects are of increasing concern, as it has been shown they not only affect individuals, but also harm DNA passed along to offspring.

Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, electric blankets, alarm clocks—all of these devices are damaging, says electrical engineer and environmental consultant Larry Gust. He discussed the dangers and how people can protect themselves in a video presented by Electromagnetic Health this week.

Here’s a look at the health effects, recommended maximum levels of exposure, the levels most people are exposed to, and tips on how to protect yourself.


Health Effects Overview

Dr. Martin Blank, who studies the effects of electromagnetic radiation at Columbia University, pointed out in a 2012 lecture uploaded to YouTube that the damage to DNA disrupts normal cell growth and protein production. 

He cited studies that have shown DNA damage causes cancer. Illustrating the impact of the field emanated from a simple daily device, he said it has been shown electric blankets greatly increase a woman’s chance of miscarriage.

Electric field health effects:
-Aggravated allergies
-Disturbed sleep
-Night sweats
-Heart palpitations
-Muscle and nerve pain
-Waking tired
-Daytime irritability
-Bed wetting in children

Radio frequency health effects:
-Memory problems
-Inability to concentrate


Electric, Magnetic Field Exposure

Recommendations for the maximum exposure in electric fields vary from about 3 volts per foot at the upper end of the spectrum to 1.5 volts or fewer per foot at the lower end. The typical bedroom has 3 to 9 volts per foot.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the maximum level for a magnetic field in a home should be 3 to 4 milliGauss.

In Marin, Calif., a 4-year-old girl had an 80 milliGauss field around her bed and in the play yard she frequented, recalled Gust. She was lethargic, had no appetite, and had rectal bleeding. As soon as the field was cleared, her symptoms vanished.


Maximum Recommended Levels of Radio Frequency Exposure

The BioInitiative Report was produced by a working group of doctors. Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University of Albany co-edited it. The Building Biology Report was released by the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology, a non-profit research and advisory institution. 


Typical Radio Frequency Exposure Levels


15 Ways to Avoid Harmful Radiation in Your Home

Update made April 10, 2014: A previous version of this article had the headline “Wi-Fi Could Harm Your DNA.” It is perhaps more accurate based on the current level of research to state that Wi-Fi, combined with a variety of other electromagnetic radiation sources that form fields around us in our daily lives, could harm DNA.  

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  • LaFemmeNikitty

    Thank god I’m not having offspring.

    • EmpressL

      But we need more cute kitties like you!

      • LaFemmeNikitty

        But .. but .. but my uterus! It’s saggy. And my DNA is warped now.

        • EmpressL

          I know the feeling! Warped DNA is, obviously, a common problem unrelated to age! LOLO! Guess we’ll have to settle for lots of pets and cuddles.

  • EmpressL

    Tesla made himself a conductor of electricity as a demonstration that AC could not hurt you. They also said TV would hurt your brain. THEY also said your cell phone caused brain tumors.

    It is more harmful to sit in the sun all day long and radiate yourself.

    In shore, I’m not going for it!

    • LaFemmeNikitty

      It’s also known that living causes death. In every single species. Until they figure out how to prevent that, I’m not going to do it ever again.

  • Nyesha Langley

    Wi-Fi is extremely bad for our health, I can feel it and it makes me feel very old and tired, as well as burning my forehead, giving me severe abdominal pain, severe headache, pain in my chest, nausea, dizziness, confusion, depression, anxiety, insomnia, vibrations all over my body, tinnitus, stiffness & weakness of muscles, blurred vision, toothache, nerve pains, hair loss and more. Microwave radiation from cell phones, DECT phones, WiFi and cellular phone transmitters is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of insomnia (depression/anxiety etc…), just check out the evidence and there’s plenty, a film called “Resonance Beings of Frequency” on youtube is a good one to tell you the mechanisms behind why. Then there are MDs like Dr Klinghardt who is FANTASTIC!!! I recommend watching his videos, he also talks about the other damaging effects to our health from electromagnetic radiation. Then I also highly recommend microwave expert Barrie Trower’s videos on youtube, he used to be in the Navy in intelligence and has inside information on what the government know about microwaves (mobiles, WiFi, tetra etc…) but are not telling the general population due to the vast amount of wealth this technology generates for the economy and other worrying reasons.

    I have electromagnetic hypersensitivity or ES/EHS, but we all are electrosensitive as we are electrical beings whos bodies rely on tiny electrical signals to function well and maintain health, so it follows that this huge increase in radiofrequency microwave radiation which is totally alien to our bodies is causing interference with this communication between our cells. It harms ALL LIFE, birds, bees, plants die, just look at the plants around smart meters and cellular antennas. The only way to stop this harm is to stop using this damaging technology and use a safe alternative, I have heard that light can be used for telecommunications but it has yet to be developed for use, I guess the current harmful way fits better with “Agenda 21”. Grounding is great and may help, but removing/reducing our exposure is currently the only way to go, relocating to quiet zones like Green Bank may not be possible, but there are things we can do in our homes, like shielding/screening from RF that we cannot switch off (neighbours/phone masts etc…), there are many great companies selling materials or just use aluminium foil/mesh, but this reflects so be careful and use a RF meter to check like the AM-10 from Emfields.org, there are videos about this on youtube.

    There are six thousand scientific studies all showing harm at levels below the thermal limit set by ICNIRP according to Barrie Trower, the government has known about this harm for decades, it seems they are using it to achieve population reduction along with the many other tactics they tell us that are “good for us” like vaccinations (full of mercury and aluminium) fluoride in water and toothpaste (highly toxic by-product from aluminium smelting) GMO food (cancer, death) bottled water (leaches toxic chemicals into the water) allopathic medicine (does not cure, toxic to body) and chemtrails (killing our earth). Smart meters are a huge concern for our health, this is part of the plan for the future to be monitored and controlled, there will be cameras in smart TVs and other devices so the powers that be can watch every move made, they want everything smart even money in a RFID chip under the skin doing away with money as we know it, so they can remotely remove money from our accounts and switch off our chip if they wish so we have NO money.

    Chemtrails or persistent contrails are REAL!!! there is NO time for debate, anyone who looks at all the evidence can only draw this conclusion and no one can put together a convincing argument against this. Another name for this is Solar Radiation Management or geo-engineering, aircraft release vast amounts of aluminium oxide, strontium, barium and more toxic particulates into the atmosphere which reflect the suns radiation into space, watch “What In The World Are They Spraying” on youtube. This has been happening since the 1990s, but I have only noticed it here in the UK since January 2012 when there was a huge investment into the project. The day usually starts off with a blue sky then military aircraft leave trails which differ sometimes (probably different chemical recipes) the trails spread out causing a white haze, this thickens until the sun is not visible. At night the sky has a orangey glow since the street lights are reflecting off the particulates suspended in it and there are halos around lights, this material obviously falls to earth, you can see tiny silver threads on clothes hung out to dry. Water and soil samples have been tested from around the globe all showing very elevated levels of the above mentioned chemicals, the material in these trails interacts with electromagnetic radiation from HAARP to manipulate the Jetstream and control the weather (even making hurricanes). This is all part of The New World Order and their plan for global control, if we cannot grow our own food in aluminium rich soil, then seeds have been developed by Monsanto to do this. Population reduction is very important to the globalists, they have it engraved on the Georgia Guidestones along with their other goals (think of Bill Gates vaccinating children in third world countries and killing them & Gardasil). Illness is increasing dramatically, now young people have illnesses that used to be only found in the old, Dr Russell Blaylock knows a lot about the health impacts and what we can do to help detoxify our bodies. I could go on and on, please do your own research if this information is new to you, there are vast amounts of information and evidence on the internet.

    A great new internet TV channel: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv/watchnow

    Please give it a watch it’s 24/7. The TRUTH will set us free!!! Peace & Love :)

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