Woman Makes Free ‘Angel Gowns’ for Babies Who Die Too Young: ‘It’s All Worth It’

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 1, 2019 Updated: March 19, 2019

The immense grief parents experience following a stillbirth, or the passing of a young child, can be devastating. To help mourning families find closure, a grandmother in Colorado creates beautiful angel gowns that fit babies who had lost their lives too soon.

Sandi Fasano, of Evergreen, Colorado, knows very well the profound pain a family has to endure with the death of an infant after losing two grandchildren to stillbirth.

“I’m a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother,” Fasano told TODAY. “I struggled to help ease my children’s pain, but it did inspire me to turn it into something that would be able to help the next family.”

I took a little break from angel gowns this past week while we welcomed our precious grand daughter into the world <3…

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2016年4月21日周四

Created from Patricia Bell's wedding dress. www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年2月13日周二

Determined to help families pull through the tragedies, she realized she could put her dressmaking skills to good use. She decided to volunteer her time to make infant burial gowns using the laces, ribbons, and fabrics from recycled wedding dresses.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Fasano said: “There’s such a demand for infant burial clothing and nobody talks about it. I shudder thinking that some parents have to go to toy stores to get gowns for their babies.”

“The last thing a family needs to do is go to a toy store and find doll clothes,” she told WXYZ. “There really isn’t any other option but to provide these free of charge.”

New cover picture…www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年1月26日周五

Made by request using the wedding dress of Jera Donnely.www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年7月22日周日

Fasano took to Facebook to post her idea, and in just days, donors all across the United States, and even the United Kingdom, began sending over their recycled wedding gowns, out of kindness, or in memory of a lost child.

One woman, who had lost identical twin boys, donated the gown she wore on her big day with a special request. “She said the only request she had was if I could possibly save two pieces,” said Fasano.

A weeks worth of buntings and hats all completed in a couple of hours and we had a little fun too :~) www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2016年2月9日周二

“Once I saw all the beautiful threads and fabrics that were coming in, I had to keep going,” Fasano said.

The response was so overwhelming that it “has now become way bigger than I expected.”

In August 2015, Front Range Angel Gowns was established with some 20 volunteer seamstresses.

Attention Volunteers ~ as noted on volunteer page, that private group page has been deleted…one less thing to keep up with! Keep in touch by message and email :~)

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2017年12月4日周一

Requested by The Arch Diocese of Denver Mortuary for the tiniest ~ lace over satin. Created from wedding dresses donated by Lori Dreher, and Tanya Lazarus. www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年7月12日周四

Other than delivering these white lacy bodice burial dresses, white suits with pants, and bonnets to hospitals and mortuaries in Colorado—free of charge—Fasano also donates the beautiful gowns to families, who call Fasano directly to request for one for their baby who died terribly young.

“I recently met a grandmother whose daughter just lost a baby, and after I handed her the gown, we just hugged for a long time,” Fasano said. “There are no words to use.”

Besides angelic burial ensembles, in a few cases, Fasano also crafted two little hats with a note that read, “One for your baby to wear and one for you to hold near.”

Wedding dress donated to create angel gowns for String of Pearl <3 www.frontrangeangelgowns.com

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年2月16日周五

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Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2017年11月17日周五

Fasano was glad she could help mourning families dress their babies “for the first and last time.”

“If you can ease the pain of a family that has just experienced deep loss, it’s all worth it,” said Fasano. “A little piece of clothing can give so much closure.”

“You can honor that child. Because everything—your hopes and your dreams were in that child.”

Such exciting things happening with Front Range Angel Gowns…I have found a local Denver group to take over the large…

Front Range Angel Gowns 发布于 2018年6月5日周二

It warmed our hearts seeing how Fasano and brides across America banded together to offer grieving families comfort by giving them a tiny angel gown. Their kind initiative has definitely made the situation less difficult for the families.

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