Top Things to Do in the Faroe Islands

January 27, 2015 Updated: January 27, 2015

Thinking of the top things to do in The Faroe Islands could be a fascinating idea to imagine a wonderful and unique vacation experience. The The Faroe Islands are one of the most unique countries in the world. What makes The Faroe Islands so special is not really because it is an overseas territory controlled by Denmark, but rather because of the circumstances that still made them an outpost.

The Faroese have every right and opportunity to declare independence. After all, independence is so attractive in Europe it has fragmented a lot of places from its host nations (ex. San Marino of Italy, Isle of Man in United Kingdom). However, the majority of the citizens of the Faroe Islands still wholeheartedly recognize the Kingdom of Denmark as their sovereign. The Faroe Islands have a semi-arctic environment, one that is not a stranger to the coldness and sedentary aura.

1. Participate in Whaling Activity

One of the most interesting of the top things to do in The Faroe Islands is joining the popular whaling activity. Whaling industry has always been the mainstay industry of every civilization before the discovery of petroleum.

Whale oil was the primary source of household fuel in those times. But now killing whales have been a condemnable activity by the international community. This recreation naturally fascinates people because conventional taboos capture the curiosity.

2. A Drink and Live Music Performance

After a tiresome whaling activity, it is only natural for one to have a drink. With the atmosphere of the Faroese Islands being generally sedentary, carousing has always been a main source of amusement for people who love to socialize. There are more pubs, cafes and taverns in Faroe Islands than other recreational establishments.

3. Join the Hiking Festival

Hiking has always been a very popular daytime activity in The Faroe Islands. In fact, this activity is a more health-conscious alternative compared to lounging at the bars and imbibing on drinks.

The Vagar, or also known as the “Witch’s Finger”, is a very popular destination for outdoor adventurers. Hiking gets more interesting when one feels that such an interest is highly shared by a large number of people. The hiking festival occurs around August 8 to 15.

4. Visiting Cinemas and Museums

Visiting cinemas and museums is one of the top things to do in The Faroe Islands if one prefers a vacation that aims to enrich the intellect. The Havnar Bio movie theatre is the only kind to be found in The Faroe Islands, yet its interior design pales the appearance of ordinary movie theatres in many European countries. One of the most interesting galleries is the one found in the rural village of Saksun which was once a farmhouse.

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