Things to Do in Coorg, India

December 30, 2014 Updated: January 1, 2015

Coorg, better known as “The Scotland of the East”, is a perfect place for a lovely holiday or plain relaxation. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in this Indian city, but we thought hard and short listed five things to do in Coorg. These are

1) River Rafting
2) Fishing
3) Trekking
4) Coffee Tour and
5) Try the Coorg cuisine

(Hemanth G via Flickr)
(Hemanth G via Flickr)

Coorg is a lovely hill station in South India and it is mainly famous for its many coffee estates but there are many other things to do in Coorg. You can spend some beautiful quiet time in a resort by the Cauvery River or spend a few days in the Nature Reserve. But if you are an ardent fan of challenging activities like trekking then you will not be disappointed. Coorg is a fascinating place that boasts of a vast terrain and endless possibilities to explore. If you want a unique experience then here are the top 5 things to do in Coorg.

1) River rafting

(Shiraz Ritwik via Flickr)
(Shiraz Ritwik via Flickr)

Coorg experiences a fair amount of monsoon rains every year and the rivers and the streams swells up being fed by the rainwater. River rafting is experienced on the waters of the Barapole River which is in southern Coorg. This region gets the maximum amount of rainfall and as a result we get a long season of rafting. The Barapole River, best in its full flow, is the ideal place for white water rafting in South India.

2) Fishing and Angling

If you are in Coorg then you just cannot bypass the chance of trying your hand at fishing. The Valnoor Fishing Camp and the Kaveri River backwaters have a plethora of freshwater fishes like Mahseer and Eels. You can add to your store of fisherman stories by netting as many as you can.

3) Trekking

(Nicolas Mirguet via Flickr)
(Nicolas Mirguet via Flickr)

Coorg has all varieties of trails for the real adventure seeker. You can opt for one of the many easy treks or if you feel like challenging yourself then go for the more arduous one. The months of December to May is considered as the ideal time for trekking. Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri are the two most popular mountain peaks in Coorg that are used for trekking. If you are comfortable with a guide then you can hire one or else you can trek alone. The Coorg Adventure Club or CAC arranges for all facilities for the trekkers and they also organize various trekking expeditions at different times. Trekking in Coorg is great fun as you will come across waterfalls, thick forests and in the midst of all, you get to enjoy glorious views of the surrounding area.

4) Coffee Tour

Your visit to Coorg would be incomplete without a walk in the coffee plantations but I suggest that you enquire about coffee tours which are always available. You can learn how coffee made its way to Chikmagalur and the different processes involved in coffee plantations. The best time for a coffee tour is the winter season as it is the picking season and you can witness the processing of beans.

5) Coorg Cuisine

The majority of the people in Coorg are non-vegetarian but it is greatly influenced by the South Indian style of cooking. Their main dishes use plenty of pork and chicken and are cooked with spices, coconut and curry leaves. If you like eating meat then Coorg is a wonderful place to tuck into the South Indian cooking. Savoring Coorg cuisine is definitely one of the many things to do in Coorg.

You will find it very hard to leave Coorg, its beautiful scenery and the hospitality of the people. The best place to put up in Coorg is one of the many resorts which are nestled within a live coffee plantation like the Orange County Resort. No wonder Coorg is considered as the best place for nature lovers in India.

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*Image of “Abbey falls in the coorg region of Karnataka India” via Shutterstock