The Consummate Traveler: Easy Packing for a Change of Season

February 13, 2014 Updated: February 13, 2014

We are right in the middle of winter here in New Jersey. In fact, the snow does not seem to want to stop!

With that said, my closet is appropriately stuffed with heavy sweaters, boots, and coats. Meanwhile, since my closet can’t hold everything, my spring and summer attire has been stashed away into my attic. Sounds reasonable, right?

Here is the challenge. I am headed to a very warm climate for a three-week business trip in just a few days. This could have meant potentially climbing up ladders to rummage through my attic and dig up an appropriate wardrobe. However, thanks to a little pre-planning on my part, this task should not be as daunting as it could have been.

In early December of last year, I decided to clean up and organize my closet. This meant putting away clothes and shoes that were not from the current season to make way for the bulkier outfits of winter.

However, knowing that I would likely be going on a business trip in a few months’ time to a hot location, I set aside my favorite spring/summer work clothes and casual outfits in a separate pile and stored them in my guest room.

To get ready for my upcoming trip, fortunately I will only need to take out one bag to see what I want to bring along. This will save me tons of time and energy. The nice thing is that I also did the same thing with my shoes. I actually look forward to packing and can’t wait to get to a warmer climate.

If you travel frequently to different climates for business and/or pleasure, I highly suggest you consider keeping at least 5 to 10 of your favorite “go to” outfits for each season easily at hand to make packing simple.

As always, I wish you all the happiest of travels!