Stranger Gifts $10,000 to a Couple with 5 Kids After Learning They Adopted Another 4

March 3, 2019 Updated: March 15, 2019

When four siblings tragically lost their parents, their kin in Idaho really felt for them. Without second thought, they welcomed these parentless children into their lives and took them in as their own.

Dan and Lana Weber, who have five children of their own, now have nine children to look after after opening their doors to four orphans.

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Lana’s brother, Darin, took his own life, and five months later his grieving widow did the same. This incident left their four children—Gavin, Halle, Symphony, and Eva—without parents.

Without a second thought, the Webers welcomed the four children into their home.

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“There really wasn’t any hesitation. We knew they were coming here,” Lana told TODAY. “With us they would have access to their school and friends and support system. We also knew that that’s what their mom would want.”

The Webers have taken on the role of parents for the four children ever since they lost their mother.

Speaking of the experience, Dan told Inside Edition: “Great kids. They’ve been through a lot. We’ve been through a lot.”

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Lana, who was all for opening up their home and hearts to her brother’s children, says they have been a real blessing.

Morning routines have become more of a challenge, but the family seems to be taking it in their stride.

“It takes some finesse to work the bathroom situation,” Lana joked. “Nine people with two showers, that’s not a lot.”

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While blending in with a new family was never going to be an issue for the children, they are still getting used to living a life with more rules.

“They had parents who had been mentally ill and they were used to taking care of themselves quite a bit,” Lana explained. “They were used to banding together and looking out for one another.”

Over the year, the orphans have learned to rely on friends and family when needed. To resolve issues, the Webers have also initiated family councils. Everyone comes together and brainstorms on how to fix problems.

I want to thank everyone for the love, support, and encouragement that our family continues to receive. We are in need…

Lana Hammond Weber 发布于 2018年4月11日周三

“We are talking together so we are not singling people out and that seems to be the most effective way,” Lana said.

“We are trying to be very in tune to what their needs are and respond accordingly. When they are ready to open and talk about it and we try to be there,” she added.

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When a representative at East Idaho News learned of the family’s unique situation, they decided to surprise them with a gift.

Every year, the new outlet spreads Christmas cheer through a Secret Santa program, and so they decided to present the Webers with a generous $10,000 check.

When Lana was asked what the experience of the last year had taught her, she said: “Enjoy every minute, and just love your family. Hold them close, (and) more than anything, live in the moment.”

Adopting another four kids, when you already have five of your own, is a huge responsibility. The Webers have indeed proven to be magnanimous in this regard.

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