Stage Actor: Shen Yun Is Phenomenal

April 6, 2017

“It is phenomenal. It is really interesting seeing all the cultural dances. You really do feel you were transported to a different environment … It is beautiful. I really enjoyed it.”


“I think everyone can appreciate the dedication when you see something like this. You can see the amount of dedication, the amount of passion they have for their dance.”


“The production is great … [The dancing] is really impressive. I really love the lines. It takes a lot of control in order to hold your body in specific positions when you are bouncing around, everyone getting the exact same height … It is so difficult. When everybody is in the air at the same height, that is the magic moment.”


“[The narration] is a beautiful touch to the whole thing.”


“I really enjoy classical music … Hearing the live orchestra brings back memories … I feel we [are] hearing something beyond music itself.”