Shen Yun ‘Will reconnect you with the beauty and truth in your life’

April 10, 2017

“Beautiful, interesting and very informative as far as [the] history and all of the evolution. I’m learning so much about dance and all of the things that we thought came from everywhere else, actually came thousands of years ago from Chinese dance. It’s just beautiful.”

“[The women] are so passionate, fully in their beauty. Just wonderful. The women are very happy to be feminine, instead of trying to be like men. They embrace their femininity and come out so strong in that femininity. And the part from 1999 was kind of sad with the oppression of the daughter and of her being orphaned. That was sad. And the realization that the show couldn’t happen in China now is so heartbreaking, since it’s so beautiful, no matter where you’re from.”

“Spirituality is always unity. So you can look into any spiritual teaching and find the same element of truth and compassion and beauty. I just see [the performance] pouring out these answers.”

“Their timing and precision is just amazing. The dancers, the audio, the visual, everything comes together. The dancers come out of the screen and the audio is right on. Every movement is timed perfectly. It’s surreal.” 

“This is a show that will reconnect you with the beauty and truth in your life.”

“The costumes are stunning, with beautiful colors, beautiful flow, every detail done. You can see really endless efforts to tie every ribbon and everyone in their uniform is all alike, but still shine differently. It’s just a perfect design, the set design, costume design, all the designs.”