Shen Yun ‘Most Beautiful and Sublime,’ Says Theatergoer

April 8, 2017

“I think it is one of the most beautiful and sublime things I have ever seen, it’s a total privilege to have seen it. I absolutely cannot believe how wonderful those dancers are, and I’m just lost in admiration of them. Everything about the show was just perfection.”


“Apart from the exquisite dancing and the amazing backdrops, their costumes were gorgeous, the colours, and just the various dancers. I’ve never seen anything like it!”


“[The cultural aspects] made me want to see more, and to know more about China. It was just so varied, and I loved it, and the two friends that I came with, we all, we just sat there going oh!—I can’t believe it—it was so wonderful!”


“I could see that [the culture] was very old, that it was very profound, it was quite spiritual, and it transcended everything. The other thing it made me see [is that] no matter what people are like, we’re all the same really. And just how clever these performers are! They obviously love what they do and they’re so good at it. I just felt such admiration for the culture.”


“When I see something like that is so beyond anything earthly, I feel [there is] more hope in the world—it’s uplifting.”