Shen Yun Is Perfection, Says Former Paris Opera Dancer

April 24, 2017

“I came for the first time five years ago, and I found the performance remarkable. Since then, I’ve come every year except for last year because I was recuperating from an operation. … I do not want to miss a Shen Yun performance.”

“I am very sensitive to perfection because I find that unfortunately, today’s dance and especially in modern dance, it is very relaxed, so when I see a ballet or a company that does a meticulous job, a really professional job to perfection, it feels wonderful.

“I really enjoy seeing [Shen Yun] because everything is perfect. All the dancers are wonderful. The girls are amazing. The costumes are splendid. Not a single detail is wrong. So for me, this is the pinnacle. I came because the Paris Opera still has high standards, and I have been accustomed to see perfection.

“I must admit that it was really a revelation when I saw [Shen Yun] for the first time. I said to myself, ‘Oh! I want to see it again because it is magnificent. It is splendid.’ I never get tired of seeing it, and I will come to see it again next year.”

“As for the quality of the company, I would rate it at the top. Oh yes, it is really perfection because everything is so perfectly orchestrated. Not a single small thing is out of synch. … It is perfection, so I am mesmerized.”

“I appreciate very much the fact that this is like an open page into a culture that I do not know much about. So I am delighted when I hear the young host telling us the stories behind each dance.”

“To see this performance is not only a delight for the eyes, but also learning so many things along the way is an incomparable added pleasure. … In addition we are taking home with us something precious.”