Shen Yun Highlights the Essence of Traditional Chinese Culture

April 13, 2017

“A lot of it just highlighted the essence of [Chinese traditional] culture, the eloquence, and the people, and the stories, about the bad things that have happened, but at the end there’s light … the spirit was very strong. That’s what brought [China] through a lot of hardships.”


“I do really like [the revival of traditional Chinese culture]. I think it’s appreciated and really needed.” 


“[The music] is exquisite. I particularly love [the erhu solo]. That was really lovely.”


“I love dance, I love watching dance. We all really appreciate dance.” 


“The dancing and colors were very ethereal in a lot of ways, very heaven like.”


“[The costumes were] beautiful, gorgeous, the colors. The choreography was really impressive.” 


“I found it very spiritual … I feel that I am a very spiritual person. I liked how it honored that, so that felt good to me.”

“A really glorious combination, a feast for the eyes, left my heart dancing.”