Shen Yun Captures the ‘Spirit of Looking for Inner Perfection and Wisdom,’ Says Author

February 20, 2018

“I have for a long time been very interested in the spiritual traditions which have come out of China. I saw something about the show and I thought I really needed to come along. Because it seems to be incorporating the whole spiritual tradition that’s come out China, but presenting it in a way we can begin to connect to in the West.”

“It’s been very interesting seeing these snippets of experience which have been presented in a very beautiful and colourful way.”

“The sense of that inner spiritual part which I think is very important and very much missed both in the East and the West.”

“I think [the performance] captures something of that spirit of looking for inner perfection, inner understanding, inner wisdom. The way in which it has been presented here has been really excellent.”

“The different ideas of both the highest spiritual traditions but also something of the simplicity of the more ethnic parts which are presented in the show I really enjoyed.”