Shake Shack’s Delicious 10th Birthday Celebration

Shake Shack turns 10 this year, and next week the celebration kicks off in a most delicious way—a group of all-star chefs will create five special edition burgers at the original Madison Square Park location.

Savor burger heaven on a buttered and toasted potato bun:

Monday June 9:
Daniel Boulud, The Piggie Shack
Shack beef-blend topped with DBGB’s barbecue pulled pork, jalepeño mayo, Boston lettuce, and mustard-vinegar slaw

Tuesday June 10:
David Chang, Momofuku Shrimp Stack
Shack beef-blend cheeseburger topped with smoked and griddled shrimp patty, Momofuku Hozon sauce, Bibb lettuce, pickled onion, and salted cucumber

Wednesday June 11:
Andrew Zimmern, AZ Cabrito Butter Burger
Goat burger with herb butter topped with roasted tomato, charred onion, and sweet pickle 

Thursday June 12:
Daniel Humm, The Humm Burger
Shack beef-blend Gruyere cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, celery relish, Bibb lettuce, truffle mayo, and shaved fresh black truffle

Friday June 13:
April Bloomfield, The Breslin Burger
Breslin beef-blend burger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon and Tickler English cheddar cheese sauce

Each burger is $8.50, with $1 of each sale benefiting the park.

On June 12, on the date of The Shack’s 10th birthday, Dominique Ansel will offer birthday cake to guests free of charge in the early evening until slices run out. A “pay what you’d like” Shack-cago Dogs cart will also be on hand, with proceeds going to the park.