See Those Steps With the Slots? That’s Actually a Sea Organ

BY Zachary Stieber TIMENovember 13, 2015 PRINT

A unique organ that turns the rhythm of the waves into actual music has been gaining attention online.

The 230-foot-lone organ was designed by a Croatian architect back in 2005, and produces hauntingly beautiful music.

The organ sits in Zadar by the Adriatic sea. Listen by hitting the play button; keep reading the story below.

The narrow channels carved into the steps connect to 35 organ pipes, which are each tuned to different musical chords.

As the waves lap against the steps, music is made. “The movement of the sea pushes air through, and – depending on the size and velocity of the wave – musical chords are played. The waves create random harmonic sounds,” describes Odd Music.

The organ is one of the things helping Zadar–which was almost completely destroyed in World War II–draw tourists to visit and Croatians to stay.

Croatia as a country is also experiencing a resurgence, with its stunning coastlines and relatively low cost of living.

Architect Nikola Basic is thought to have been inspired by the hydraulis, an instrument the ancient Greeks came up with that used water to push air through tuned pipes.

Another similar creation is the Wave Organ in San Francisco, which utilizes a set of curved tubes built in the ’80s.

*Top photo: Michał Kołodziejski/Flickr

Zachary Stieber
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