Screenwriter: ‘It’s inspirational. It’s motivational’

January 7, 2018

“I love it. It’s very bright, it’s very welcome. … I love the culture that it introduces to me … [The stories are] really easy to follow with all the movements and the gestures.”

“[The spirituality part of the show] is overwhelming. It really is. There’s a couple of scenes that I really wanted to get emotional about because it introduces these aspects.”

“I like how [the men] are dressed. I think that alone is very classy and it gives a feeling of power and you have to almost earn your robes and earn what you’re wearing. I like that.”

“I loved [the backdrop]. I definitely paid more attention to [the dancers] and the music itself. It was hard for me not to look at the music happening [the orchestra]—but it was perfect. It went together very well. … I’m drawn to the sounds [the instruments] are making. I listen to music every day and there are some sounds that I just can’t pinpoint, but I just want to keep watching [the musicians].”

“It’s inspirational. It’s motivational.”