Relaxation: Some Ways To Find It When You Need It

January 29, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2015

The last two weeks of the year were spent at my childhood home upstate and the intention was to relax. But like any mom, the same things still need to be done—cooking, laundry, diapers, baths, and play time. Plus, I desperately needed to tend to the administrative side of my work—my overloaded email inbox, the photos on my phone that needed to be properly placed in an Iphoto album, and many random emails I needed to respond to.

With only a limited amount of time, I realized that I would have to figure out slivers of relaxation time and be quite protective of them. I would also need to loosen up my idea of what relaxation was—I clearly wouldn’t be able to do yoga every single day or read my entire 500 page book in a weekend as I would’ve loved to do. Smaller doses of moments would have to be good enough.

Ultimately I’ve discovered as a busy mom, that it’s never going to look how you imagine it to, nor is it going to be how it was before you were a mom.

So while it might not be daily yoga, it might be one fabulous class that you are ever so grateful for. While you might not be able to read your book as long as your heart desires, it’s the fabulous feeling of curling up in a cozy chair during nap time and reading for as long as you can.

Even cooking, which I love to do, can feel like “work” at times. In moments during my holiday getaway, I reframed my cooking moments from “work” to “creative” time. And suddenly it felt more relaxing.

As you settle into the New Year, how can you get what you need in a way that is realistic? And can you reframe moments in your life to become more of what you need? This way, it becomes less about what you don’t have, and more about what you do have!

Challenge yourself to become creative with your own activities as well as how you label something—the same moment can be work or play, too much or not enough…or just right.

Ways to Relax

When you need some relaxation ask yourself these questions:

1. Where can I find some quiet moments today? Can I even find 10 minutes to sit quietly and read, meditate, sip tea etc.?

2. Is there something that I need to do that I can turn into a relaxing activity? In other words, can I reframe how I view this moment?

3. If I really feel I need to get away for an hour or two for some piece of mind, can I ask my partner, babysitter, friend etc. to give me a little relief so I can care for myself? (We have to know how to ask).

4. Can I be grateful for even the smallest moments of relaxation and recognize them for what they are?
Relaxation is hard to find, I know. But it’s there for you. Sometimes, you just need to be creative.

Writing is Randi’s favorite way to share the profound experience of motherhood. As an NYC Mom, Yogi, and Entrepreneur, Randi creates bespoke workshops and gatherings for women who want to share the best ways to stay grounded and engaged, living life inspired. Follow her stories, events, and community at