Psychologist Says Shen Yun Is a Masterpiece

April 23, 2017

“I can tell that the choreography, the dancers, the dancing, the costumes and the colour, everything is beyond my expectation. It’s so beautiful and it’s a perfection, and a masterpiece of everything of what the dancers are doing on stage—something extraordinary. It was a perfection of human movement, balance, dancing.”

“I think that all the dancers are unique and very special. All people who perform on the stage, everything is from the extraordinary and very, very special. Every single piece. And the music, the music is beautiful.”

“The story. I think this is the life of the people living in China—ethnic groups and the story about the Buddha, story about fighting against communists. Story about the human beauty, human performer’s ability. This for us, in my eyes, it’s a history of Chinese people.”