Project Manager Enjoys the Story Telling Dances in Shen Yun

February 17, 2018

“The height the guys (dancers) got when they were doing the tumbling, the back hand springs; that was awesome!”

“I appreciated the story telling too, especially the historical things about the Chinese culture and learning about those types of things, I thought it was great!”

“Controlling or trying to put down similar traditional values, traditional Chinese meditational types of things that don’t fit with what the communists are wanting to do.”

“I appreciated the use of all the projections in the backdrops and how they were incorporated into the show so how the performers would go off the back end and then show up and then come back out of the projection into live action again. I’m a computer guy, that is an interesting thing for me to see. I thought it was very well done!”

“I also appreciated the Chinese instruments and the singers as well. You know, to hear someone sing in a foreign language is always educational but then to have the projections of the translation was nice as well.”

“I thought the orchestra fit really well with the dance. It was good to hear the traditional instruments in the mix.”