Professor Awed by Shen Yun’s Exquisite Performance

February 18, 2017

“This is a dance performance that many people have made a concerted effort to coordinate and design exquisitely. It’s very touching and worth appreciating.”

“Shen Yun totally changed my impression “of the classical Chinese dance I used to have.”

“Its stage design [animated digital backdrops] is very unique and exquisite … The design of fairies descending from heaven [on the backdrops] to the stage is very innovative and impressive.”

“Shen Yun’s choreography is very professional. It’s indeed well done.”

“The costumes and the overall design are exceptionally good.”

“These are something that are not easy to come by. They are beyond my imagination.”

“I’ve never seen this kind of design. Dancers’ movements were in great unison. Their skills were very impressive.”