Professional Dancer Says Shen Yun is ‘Very Powerful’

April 7, 2011 Updated: April 8, 2011

LONDON—Musical theatre performer Abramo Ciullo was delightfully impressed by the Shen Yun Performing Arts show at The London Coliseum on the evening of April 7, and he took a few brochures to recommend the show to his colleagues at work.

Mr. Ciullo, a professional dancer, has just finished performing in Chicago. He plans to also move into acting and singing.

The New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts is the world's premier classical Chinese dance and music company. Stunningly expressive cultural dances bring to life China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture.

“I love it. It’s good, it’s very good,” said Mr. Ciullo. “There’s a lot of talent and more than talent, there’s a lot of training.”

“You can see the people [dancers] are just so correct. I like it because it’s very powerful.”

Classical Chinese dance can boast strong expressive qualities and diversity of techniques, rich in variation but immensely difficult.

“I didn’t have any sort of boring scene," said Mr. Ciullo. “It was always big and it is different, and I think, because it is different it makes it more interesting.”

Mr. Ciullo plans to recommend the show to his colleagues who all train and coach at the same place.

He also thought that the show was good value for the ticket price because there are so many performers on stage compared to other productions.

Shen Yun Performing Arts has three companies that simultaneously travel around the world. Each company consists of about one hundred performers and orchestra musicians, as well as choreographers and technical personnel, and the performances are often in the most prestigious venues.

Reporting by SOH Radio Network and Ron Champagne.

Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company will be at The London Coliseum from April 5–10. For more information, visit