Prima Ballerina Admires Preservation of Classical Chinese Dance

January 15, 2017

“The ethnic culture has been preserved.”
“This is one of the true places where male dancers … will be able to exhibit and showcase their technique and their ability and their strengths.”
“For technical difficulty, dancing with other objects and performing in the way you would as if it were effortless, any of the dances that showcased props, those are very hard to do. … It’s very hard to do and not mess up. … Usually you can spot where a dancer has a little hiccup; I didn’t see one!”
“You see the history, you see the culture, you see China is not one thing. It is many, many, many things. … The cultural preservation is very important.”

Alexis Feit, prima ballerina
San Jose, United States
Shen Yun New York Company
January 14, 2017