Photoshoot of 7 Firefighter Wives All Pregnant At the Same Time Go Viral

April 3, 2019 Updated: April 8, 2019

The celebration of a new life is always a joyous event—and for the Salisbury Fire Department in North Dakota, there’s almost more to celebrate than they can keep up with!

An adorable photo from the fire department went viral when seven—yes, seven—of the fire department’s wives announced that they were all pregnant at the same time.

The women got dressed up for a firefighter-themed photo shoot to announce the unexpected coincidence, taking themed pregnancy announcements to an adorable new level. Donning their husbands’ “bunker gear,” the seven new mamas-to-be lined up in the pants, suspenders, and matching shirts to show off how big the fire station’s family is going to be getting by the end of the year:

Photo courtesy of Flashpoint Photography

Brianna Mitschele of Flashpoint Photography, one of the station’s former firefighters herself, arranged the adorable shoot to announce the explosion in addition to what she called “the future Salisbury Fire Dept recruits.”

They join a pair of toddlers, aged 1 and 3, who Mitschele explained have recently joined the department’s family in the last few years as well—and with all of the seven new babies expected some time between late March and September, there’s going to be practically an entire football team running around the station together!

Photo courtesy of Flashpoint Photography

“I created a little onesie, with the babies name and their daddy’s station number for each little one, to gift their mothers with and I also told them to bring whatever they would like to have pictured {ultrasounds, clothing, knickknacks}. We took a bunch of fun group shots during the session and right when we were finishing up, the Rescue truck received a medical call and left with their lights flashing and blaring the air horn,” Mitschele wrote.

The pictures quickly took off on social media, showcasing the adorably close bond at the fire station and the incredible work of the firefighter and photographer who captured it all from behind her lens. It not only shows the journey for the moms but creates a special memory for the seven to look back on as they get older; their names are all printed on their handmade onesies to gather the future new friends together before they’re even born.

Photo courtesy of Flashpoint Photography

It’s impressive that the station had such an incredible photographer as a member of their brave firefighting crew already, and her close bond with the wives of her fellow first responders gave the photos an extra personal touch.

“All seven of the ladies were so excited and I was so happy to be able to capture such a memorable time in the department’s history,” she said in an interview with ABC. She went on to add that all but one of the seven moms are pregnant for the first time, too, which gave it an even more exciting spin.

The photo shoot isn’t the first of its kind; there have been a series of adorable first-responder baby shoots done across the country in the last year, with one Massachusetts fire station welcoming a whopping nine babies in close succession to spark the web’s interest.

For this North Carolina station, though, it’s certainly a memory they’ll cherish forever.

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