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Did Patrick Süskind have a true story in mind when working on his bestseller ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’? If so, was the creator of the famous ‘Eau de Cologne’ Giovanni Maria Farina his protagonist? Farina was the most famous perfume designer of the 18th century. His client list was virtually the Who’s Who of the 18th and 19th centuries: Louis XV and Frederick the Great, Voltaire and Goethe – all yearned for Farina’s perfume. The film takes us through the most important stages in Farina’s life and follows his footsteps from Piedmont to Venice, Grasse, Paris, and finally to Cologne, where Farina’s descendants produce perfume to this day. Along the way, the documentary discovers ever new parallels with Süskind’s Grenouille and further leads to another trace: Coco Chanel and her way to creating the most famous scent nowadays – No.5.

Lorenzo Gisler
Ben Praxl
Marek Lysakow

A City Media TV Production for ZDF in cooperation with ARTE

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