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Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic inflammatory condition consisting of muscular and joint pain and fatigue.  Three to five percent of the population suffers with this condition; more than eighty percent are women.  This is one of the fastest growing disabling conditions in the US. You can beat Fibromyalgia with natural lifestyle strategies.

Fibromyalgia is classically diagnosed with positive reaction to 11 of 18 specific tender point sites on the body.  Other classic findings include chronic fatigue, sleep challenges, normal blood tests, and a history of widespread pain, particularly in the neck and back. It is believed to be a chronic inflammatory condition of the muscle fascia.

Chronic inflammation is a sign of a mal-coordinated hyper responsive immune system.  In order to modulate and stabilize the immune response, it is critical to avoid inflammatory foods and food allergens, repair the gut, optimize vitamin D3 levels, and improve neurological connections.

Chronic Inflammation and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Most individuals with chronic inflammatory based pain have a leaky gut that allows large food particles to pass thru easily and end up in the bloodstream.  These undigested food particles are tagged as foreign invaders by the immune system.  The immune cells then create a massive inflammatory reaction to destroy the food particle.  This results in varying levels of insensitivity and allergenic reactions that damage many systems of the body.

The most common food allergens to avoid include all processed foods, artificial sweeteners/preservatives and foods containing gluten.   Soy, peanuts (and often other nuts), pasteurized dairy, eggs. and other heavy proteins are often not tolerated well.  The nightshade vegetables, eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes are often challenging as well.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle

Anti-inflammatory foods help to modulate the immune system and reduce inflammatory activity in the body.  Great anti-inflammatory foods include coconut products, avocados, olive oil, berries and phytonutrient rich vegetables.  Healthy meat sources such as grass-fed beef, wild game, wild salmon, organic poultry, and organic eggs are great if the gut can tolerate them.

Fermented Foods are Key to Rebuild the Gut

It is advisable for anyone with chronic inflammation to include loads of organic vegetable juices, fermented foods, and functional beverages in their diet.   Homemade sauerkraut, kombucha, coconut water kefir, and kimchi are great.  Fermented dairy products from grass-fed cows and goats are highly advisable.  These include amasai, fermented whey drinks, and raw cheese.  Often a probiotic supplement with a bio-diverse range of cultures and over 50 billion colony forming units is advisable.

Non-denatured whey protein from grass-fed cows is also very good for rebuilding the gut.  Whey is loaded with L-glutamine and enhances cellular glutathione stores which are both needed to repair the intestinal wall and de-inflame the body.  Powerful herbs such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, and oregano should be used as much as possible to improve immune coordination.

Healthy Vitamin D3 Levels and Specific Chiropractic Care

Healthy vitamin D3 levels are especially important for aiding the body’s ability to recognize foreign and self-proteins.  This improved immune recognition reduces inflammation and auto-immune reactions.  Vitamin D also helps drive immune cells to destroy pathogenic microbes and prevent and destroy infection.  Chronic infection results in hyper-inflammatory levels in the body.  Vitamin D3 (25-OH) levels should be between 70-100ng/ml for optimal immune function.

People with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and  fatigue are highly likely to have neurological dysfunction in their upper neck.  Subluxation, or neurological interference, at the bottom of the skull, C1 and C2 alter endorphin release into the body.  This leads to increased states of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and accelerated stress as well as mal-coordinated immunity.  Well trained chiropractors can analyze these regions of the spine and give specific corrective adjustments to restore balance and optimal neurological expression in these regions.

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