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Happy Year of the Tiger 2022

Get ready to spring into action with the energy of a tiger
BY Toni Krehel TIMEJanuary 30, 2022 PRINT

According to the Chinese zodiac, the enthusiastic and ambitious tiger will be an important influence in 2022. Be ready for movement and motion in the year ahead.

In the zodiac scheme of how energy flows and nature grows, the tiger is the first of the three wood element influences in the zodiac cycle. It represents nature’s energy springing forth and diversifying into a spectrum of possibilities. All that has been dormant will start moving and taking shape.

While the ox strength from the previous year carries over to the tiger year, the ox’s stable energy becomes more kinetic with the tiger influence. Steady-as-she-goes becomes more git-er-done. Having taken stock of assets and blessings in the ox year, the tiger is primed to move things forward. The tiger year is a good time to plan, create the foundation upon which to build your vision for the future, and put your energy into the pursuit of those goals.

The noble tiger is an icon of bravery and courage. Optimistic and cheerful by nature, the freedom-loving tiger is fiercely independent and dreams of changing the world in some way. The tiger loves a good challenge and adventure in life. This playful kitten has boundless energy and enthusiasm to enjoy life but, like the ox who preceded it, the tiger will be tenacious in purpose and not deter from whatever work needs to be done in pursuit of its goals. The tiger also has a keen sense of justice. Whether the unfairness is against themselves or others, the tiger will boldly spring into action to help others.

Thus, the year of the tiger holds the promise for change and movement toward something good.

The tiger brings optimism and cheer to the table—and that’s a good thing for 2022, as it’s time to move on in a positive way. It’s a good year to pioneer something, develop a new market, discover a new way of doing something, or change the way you do business. Reinvent yourself daily. Push past your personal limits each day. The ox who came before gifted you with the tenacity to do that, and the tiger influence puts some zip in your step to get it done. Be the wind of change in 2022.

That’s not to say that 2022 won’t continue to be an uphill battle in the scheme of things, and changes may not manifest as fast as some wish. But with the wheels in motion, the tiger brings new hope and new beginnings. As always, the more disciplined you are, the better your year is going to be.

“Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep.”—Chinese Proverb

Toni Krehel
Toni Krehel, AP has been in private practice since 1997 serving the holistic health care needs of children and adults in the Jacksonville FL area. Specializing in chronic illness and post vaccine syndromes, she writes articles and provides continuing education for the Chinese Medical profession.
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