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Gregory Moore: ‘Zero-COVID’ Marches China Into Dangerous Territory for the Regime

China’s zero-COVID policy could push citizens toward more discontent and further escalate tensions with the regime.

“As long as the economics are good, the [Chinese Communist] Party can kind of get away with being really draconian because people can kind of endure it because living a good life is getting better, right? But if the economy starts going down, if there’s a recession, if there’s a famine, if there’s a lot of shutdowns, that’s what I think the Party gets into dangerous territory … the zero-COVID policy could be something that could push them into that dangerous territory.” 

At the Western Conservative Summit, I spoke with Dr. Gregory Moore, professor of Global Studies and Politics at the Colorado Christian University. We discussed the state of the U.S.-China relationship, his experiences in China, as well as what to watch for in the second half of 2022 regarding the bilateral relationship.


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