Minister Says Shen Yun’s ‘Creativity is Mind-Blowing’

April 8, 2017

“I love the incredible artistic beauty of all of this.”

“I like the concept of having movies (digital projections) in the background. And the figures that come out of the movies; that’s very unique. It’s a beautiful concept, and it shows you some of these backgrounds from China?”

“[I] feel very uplifted because I feel that it’s showing me some of the culture of China, even though they said this cannot be shown in China. It gives me a lot of cultural understanding of what’s in China.”

“I think it’s a beautiful depiction. It helps me understand the Chinese culture — the beauty, the colors, even the creativity is mind-blowing. Thank you for letting me come.”

“I love intense colors. I love dance. So it really gave me an uplift in the spirit to see these colors in a beautiful way that they are all synchronized with the dancing. Yeah, I am very impressed with they way it gives you an uplifting feel, it gives you a new understanding of Chinese culture.”