Keeping January Warm and Cozy

January 27, 2015 Updated: January 27, 2015

While the winter snow is starting to thaw, it is going to be several months before the warmer weather returns and spring finally arrives. Traditionally, January and February can be just as cold as December, and with the possibility of more snow and ice, it is never to late to ensure your home is as warm and energy efficient as possible.

And while few people have the resources at this time of year to re-insulate the loft or have an expensive service on the boiler, there are some cost-effective and simple methods of ensuring you are as warm and cosy as possible this January.

One of the simplest methods of saving energy, heat and money during the winter is to ensure there are no draughts. Draughts from badly fitting windows and doors will not only allow heat to escape but it will make rooms even more difficult to heat, taking longer and more energy to get them warm.

Modern draught excluders can be fitted to almost anywhere where draughts are getting in. Under door draught excluders, window film and even floorboard draught excluders are cheap and easy to install. And plates for letterboxes will prevent draughts escaping through the front door, while even the chimney can be draught proofed with a chimney balloon.

Another cheap method of saving energy is to fit radiator panels. By making use of the heat normally soaked up by the back wall, reflecting it back into the room, radiator panels can boost heating by up to a third and can save up top 25% on gas and electric bills.

They are cheap too and can be fitted by almost anybody, without the need to remove radiators or call a plumber.

By fitting draught excluders and radiator panels you can make real savings on your energy bills this winter and ensure you stay warm and cosy in January without the worry of higher bills arriving in the spring.

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